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Ohans Emmanuel

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This book will teach you practical intermediate to advanced Typescript in React

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Here's some sample Typescript + React code you'll learn to write in this book:

import React from "react";
type Rainbow = 'union' | 'of' | 'colors'
type PolymorphicRef<C extends React.ElementType> =
type PolymorphicProp<C extends React.ElementType> = {
as?: C;
type PolymorphicComponentProp<
C extends React.ElementType,
ComponentProps = {}
> = React.PropsWithChildren<Props & PolymorphicProp<C>> &
keyof (PolymorphicProp<C> & P)>;
type PolymorphicComponentPropWithRef<
C extends React.ElementType,
ComponentProps = {}
> = PolymorphicComponentProp<C, ComponentProps> &
{ ref?: PolymorphicRef<C> };
// ... create polymorphic component and type it

If even one single line of code looks confusing to you, then this is the book for you. You should download the book to level up your Typescript in React game now

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Written for beginners and mid-level engineers

This book has been carefully written with Typescript beginners in mind. You already know React and some Typescript? Then, this is the perfect book to deepen your understanding of more intermediate and advanced concepts

  • You already know the basics of React
  • You know basic Typescript
  • You are building a design system
  • You don't know intermediate or advanced Typescript
  • You like a practical approach to learning

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“It was really informative. Loved how the complex concepts were broken down so It could be understood better” - Angelo

I liked the structure. It started simple and advanced in a progressive manner - Dimitrios

I love Emmanuel’s way of teaching and the amount of information - Adrian

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