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Ohans Emmanuel

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The complete guide to building insanely fast production websites.

Everything you need to build real-world projects with Astro

  • 500+ pages of value
  • 4+ practical project chapters
  • 100+ carefully crafted illustrations and images
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I've spent the past 5 months writing this book.
Here's why I'm willing to give it away for free.

I would not be where I am today without the free accessible materials I had over 10 years ago when I started my career. This is me paying that forward.

As a self-taught engineer, learning to code was really tough for me.

When I started learning to code, I was broke, and leveraged as many free resources as possible.

In most cases, a $9.99 udemy course was the best I could afford.

So, six years ago, I started blogging for one reason only.

As I understood software engineering, I wanted to help people learn to write software in an easy to read fashion.

Oh, and also made it as accessible as possible.

And this was my motivation.

After four million blog views, and more than five technical books published, my motivation's still the same.

With about a decade of professional experience, every year I find a technology I'm passionate about and write a detailed guide to it with a single goal: to create the best (practical) resource available online for that subject.

Understanding Astro is my first book for the year 2023.

Everything you need to know - for free. Oh, might I say, with a focus on 'understanding'.

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